The Process

The Process



1. Call us : The moment you are ready to edit your closet you pick up the phone, get on your email, find us on twitter and tell us” I need a closet editor”
2. Consultation: We get excited that you need your closet edited. THE CLOSET EDITOR calls you via Skype for a 360 degree view of your closet. She tells you what you need, and what you should expect. Then we set the date for you to get the perfect closet.

3. Shop for Organizational Pieces: Based on your consultation and what your closet editing needs are, your personal closet editor will help you find the perfect organizing system to optimize your closet space.

4. Closet Editing: Get ready for the fashion party in your closet. Your personal closet editor shows up ready to access, define and organize your perfect closet DONE!


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