Colortastic Coordination

When trying to achieve that wonderful boutique feeling in one’s own home, there is a lot more to organizing a closet than getting rid of shoe boxes and matching hangers. Another important factor to that clean, sleek look is how you categorize the clothes hanging in your closet. The Closet Editor has two favorite methods for organizing clothes: boutique style from light to dark, and color-blocking.

The light to dark system is pretty much self-explanatory. It is where one hangs clothing beginning with whites and ending with blacks, with all the colors of the rainbow in between. Taiece suggests that “by merchandising your closet from light to dark it is easier to pull your favorite look by color,” also adding that “most boutiques and stores merchandise their clothes this way.”

The color-blocking method also organizes one’s clothes in a similar fashion, from light to dark, but distinguishes the colors a bit more dramatically. One would begin by separating all of the whites, blacks, yellows, reds, blues, etc. When it comes time to hang these items up collectively, you would then organize from light to dark within each individual color. For instance, in the blue section, one would start with the pale, sky-blues and progress to the dark navy-blues. The Closet Editor thinks “this is also a great way to organize your closet, and will save you time and hassle when looking for a more specific color.”

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  • Eva M Garcia says:
    March 4, 2016 at 12:18 am


    I used to work at Judy’s store. Saw your color coordination closet. Very similar coordination. I have forgotten what color goes first and was
    please to see yours. Thank you for your help.

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